Today a mom and a dad woke-up without their child. Somewhere a child had breakfast and got ready for school this morning without their mommy or daddy home. Every day a brother misses his sister and a sister yearns for one more minute with her brother.

The sacrifices these men and women, these soldiers, make is what allows me to do what I do. It allowed my husband and I to get up this morning with our children and have breakfast with them, make them dinner tonight and then tell them we love them and tuck them into bed. It means we are privileged enough to live in this country and do so safely, with the freedoms we have.

The individuals that protect our country, that fight and have fought for our country, deserve more than a day to be thanked. The families of these soldiers and veterans deserve their family members home for dinner. They deserve to know their loved one is safe at home, like I do.

To say thank you seems ridiculous and small. They give up so much, they risk it all. As a mom, I can't imagine my sons walking out my door to serve our nation and then never walk back in. For those that have lost their lives, my prayers are with their families. To those that are somewhere serving away from their families, I salute you.

Thank you for all you sacrifice for my family.


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