Ten Years

Ten years ago today I started my day with a little wedding pre-game. It involved hair and make-up and saltines, obviously. Anyone who has ever gotten married, or anyone who has as nervous as a stomach as I do, knows saltines are a girls best friend.

In a matter of hours, I would walk down a very long aisle and marry the greatest man I know. It was a perfect sunny June day and I had dreamed of it for so long that I was afraid my dreams would cloud the reality. The day surpassed my expectations and it was all I dreamt it would be.

I didn't just dream of my wedding day though. I dreamed of my married life. I knew better than to dream it would be easy or perfect. I just wanted it to be perfect for me. Jason and I had been together for six years before we got married. We had owned two houses and challenged our relationship many times in those first six years. Still, I always dreamed of marrying him.

As far as weddings go, ours was fairly typical. There was dancing and cake and eating and drinking and most of all there was love. Love for our families and all of our friends who celebrated with us as only the people we love most in the world could. It was as close to perfect as we could get.

We have been together for sixteen years and although we have only been married for ten of those years, the first six were some of the best times we had together. I can hardly remember who I was before I was with him. It feels as though he has always been apart of my life. I have never been happier than I have been with him.

So many memories were made that day. It is not a day I will ever forget, honestly it feels like it was just yesterday. That day marked the beginning of so much more for us. Since then we have created a life with one another that I am so proud of. In the last ten years we have been blessed with two amazing boys, we have a home and a lovely life. We've created a family with one another. 

It has been an amazing ten years. It hasn't always been easy and it is far from perfect, but I adore the man I am lucky enough to be married to. Happy Anniversary, Jay. Here's to many more....


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