Four Year Wait

Four years ago I wrote this post about my sister getting married. It was a topic special to me, well, because my sister was getting married and that is a huge deal. It was also extra special because my sister was marrying a woman.

It was a glorious May day and we laughed, cried, ate, drank and danced the night away. It was a wedding celebration much like my own. There were traditions followed and vows said. It was a special day for my sister and our family.

The thing is, at the time, Wisconsin didn't recognize same-sex marriages. Therefore their wedding ceremony four years ago was actually, legally, a commitment ceremony. In our eyes they were legally married, in the State's eyes they were partners. They have been living every day since that ceremony as wives and I have considered my sister's wife to be my sister-in-law, no different than I do my brother-in-law. She was one of us, married in, for better or worse.

This past week Wisconsin finally got their shit together and legalized same-sex marriage. I am disappointed it took as long as it did yet so relieved that they realized what the right thing to do was and had the balls to do it. I am proud of my home state.

Today my sister and her wife legally got married in the State of Wisconsin. They have been married for years, but today is special nonetheless. Today signifies that change is possible and that perhaps, once and for all, people will realize that we should be free to love who we choose.

To my sister, Joy, and my sister-in-law, Sarah......Cheers & Congratulations (FINALLY!)

Love you both to the moon & back! xo


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