Dear Joey,

The inevitable has happened. You've grown-up (some.) Six years ago today I was laying in bed, snuggling you, in awe of you. You were so tiny and yet already so big. You were born with such personality and have always been a force to be reckoned with. 

I am amazed by you most days. You are incredibly stubborn (just like your Dad) and you will fight and fight and fight some more about what you think is right or what you want. There are days that you exhaust me beyond measure because you just don't let up, ever. You are confident and strong-willed. I am also so proud of you because all I hear about from your teachers is what a kind-hearted boy you are. You are the first to help your friends and classmates out in school and are always concerned about others. I love how much you care about others.

You are so passionate about the things you enjoy. This includes hockey, but also things like watching certain movies. Recently you have watched all of the Rocky movies (I thru V) over and over. You are obsessed with this movie and you think Rocky is the greatest guys ever. In the meantime, I never want to see another minute of Rocky for the rest of my life! You are the same with the movie Miracle and I love listening to you chant "USA, USA, USA" during the US match against Russia. You've seen the movie a hundred times and you still are on the edge of your seat cheering like you aren't sure what is going to happen next.

You love sports and between hockey, football and baseball you stay busy! Your love of hockey is so fun to be a part of. You bed each day to skate and always, even when you aren't feeling your best, skate with everything you have. Dad and I are so proud of you and all the effort you put into hockey. I am so glad you found a sport you love so much.

You also love books and I am enjoying listening to you read books to me now. I love the time we spend together reading and snuggling. You still like to snuggle in and take naps with me and each time I ask you what I will do when you are too big and don't want to snuggle anymore with me and you always respond the same way by telling me you'll always snuggle with me even when you are grown and in college. I know this will be too good to be true.

You are in a rush to be bigger than you are. Just yesterday you told me how excited you were for your birthday because you have been waiting your whole life to be six. It seems I have been feeling the exact opposite. I can't believe my sweet baby boy is already six. Your independence stops me dead in my tracks sometimes. 

We taught you to always stick up for yourself and never let others treat you poorly and you have already had a few scuffles that reminded us that you will not be someones doormat. You don't take any crap and although you need to learn boundaries on what that means as you grow, I am most proud of this. 

You are one of the greatest parts of me and I am so grateful to be your mom. It turns out you were supposed to always be my baby so whether you are six or twenty-six, that is forever what you will be. 

I wish you the most blessed year. I know you will do great at all you set your mind to.

Happy 6th Birthday, my sweet face.

I love you always, to the moon and back.