Nine years ago today I walked down a very long aisle towards my very best friend.

Nine years ago I said some of the most important and meaningful words I will ever say. I said them with more happiness than I have ever felt, with more faith than I have ever known and with so much love.

I, Jana, take you, Jason....

I remember feeling like everything was right that day. That I belonged with Jason and that, together, we would never lose our way.

We have been through some serious stuff in the last nine years of marriage and fifteen together (holy Jesus fifteen years is a long time!) and never have I ever doubted that next to Jason is where I belong, where I am my best. I married someone who makes me a better person. I still, all these years later, can't believe how lucky I am.

Today isn't just special for us though. Today, the Supreme Court declared the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional, which it was. This ruling means marriage equality for everyone. It means that no matter who you are or who you love, you have the right to love them. To marry them. You get to fight with your husband or wife just like I do mine. It also means that you get to love someone and share the same words I shared in a marriage ceremony and they will be taken as seriously as mine, as they should be. No one should be condemned for who they love. They should get to wake up to the face that makes them happiest each day, like I do.

So yes, it is a happy anniversary for me. I am thrilled to share it with so many people who deserve the same rights I have. I wish them as much happiness as I have been blessed with. Here's to ninety more....


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