I would love to say I haven't been on here writing about the usual mundane things because I was vacationing or sitting around reading incredible books wearing sweatpants sipping Chai tea.

Sadly, that is not so.

Truth is, I have been swamped lately and I feel like all aspects of my life are literally swallowing me whole. So I do what anyone sinking might do....try like hell to keep my head up.

Basically what I've been doing is getting up, pulling myself together and pretending.

I'm making shit up as I go and desperately trying to survive without killing someone, myself included. I am not sure why it is that when one stressful thing happens twelve thousand more follow it. It is like the bad things call their friends and invite them to come on over. I must throw one helluva party because all the crap is having the best time turning my life to total shit.

But no one likes a Debbie Downer so, you know, I smile and am all yeah, everything is great! when really I want to scream my full on batshit crazy head off. I think if I could just lose it, I mean really lose it without anyone judging, I would feel so much better.

Since that seems to be frowned upon in society, mostly at school drop-off's, at the gym or in my office, I am just getting fabulously good at lying. Pretending my way through the rough spot, holding it together the best I can until it ends. Eventually the crap has got to get sick of this party and go the fuck home. Right?

Until then, my friends, we are faking it to make it around here. Don't judge, I could be the disheveled lady in the school parking lot ugly crying while picking up her kids from school. Let's hope that's not next week's post.


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