Kids Kill Self-Esteem

Today I was running errands with Joey and decided to stop into a new boutique clothing store in town. I have had several people tell me about this new store and the mom of one of Joey's friends was wearing the cutest leggings recently and when I asked her where she got them, she told me they came from this new store.

I had been meaning to get in there, but haven't had the chance.  I happened to be passing by today so I decided to drag Joey in. It did not disappoint and had really cute stuff. It only took me a few minutes to find the cute leggings. I dragged Joey into the dressing area so I could try them on. They are really cute pants, but they have long front pockets that extend onto the upper thigh area. Let's just say this is not my slimmest area so when I put the pants on I felt like they really accentuated my thighs instead of flattering them. It doesn't help that I haven't been allowed to work out the last 3 weeks after my second hernia surgery and you add in the Christmas cookies I have been devouring and well, my thighs aren't at their best.

Joey asked me if I liked them and I said I didn't think they looked good on me. He just looked flatly at me and said, "yeah, I wish you were skinny. William's mom (the one who has these pants, of course) is skinny and I wish you were skinny like her."

Ummmmm. Awesome. Perhaps this child doesn't realize that I am the one that GAVE HIM LIFE. But, whatever, he wants a skinny mom. I couldn't even reply I was so shocked.

Fast forward three hours later, just after lunch as I am getting Joey ready to snuggle down for a nap when this conversation takes place.

When you die and go to heaven will I get a new mom?

No, I am your only mom and I am not dying, babe.

Well, I know but maybe I could get a new mom and you could just be my step-mom?

What? No! Why would you want a new mom? That hurts my feelings Joey.

I mean I don't want a new mom all the time. I just sometimes want William's mom to be my mom. 

Williams mom is busy with William. You are stuck with me, now go to bed.

Aren't kids awesome?

P.S. William's mom....It's and your skinny thighs!


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