3 Girls and a Million Memories

It is hit or miss when you live with someone. It could be a happy ever after story with BFF's galore or it could be all wash your dishes, bitch. You just never know. If you are one of the lucky ones, like I was, it was both.

My last several years of college were spent living with two of the most amazing girls. Through those years, a lot of drinks, several boys, a ton of laughs and some occasional tears we made a million memories. Some of them are remembering just how often we wanted to kill one another and so many of them are just remembering us being together, sharing everything, talking on the kitchen floor until we had nothing left to say. They were some of the best years of my life.

Since that time, we have moved to different cities, gotten married and managed to have some of the cutest kiddos out there. Our lives are busy, so much so that it will be months between conversations sometimes and was years before we had all seen each other. It is sad that it takes us years to find the time to get together, but I am certain after our past weekend together that will no longer be the case.

It was as if we never left one another. We couldn't stop laughing and the talking was almost exhausting. After all these years, they are still my BFF's. They just know me and I them, we don't need to make excuses or offer explanations for our thoughts and feelings. They just truly get me and I haven't had such a relaxing time in a long time.

Galena was gorgeous this time of year and we were lucky enough to see the hot air balloons launching each morning outside our patio and the trees changing colors almost looked fake, because nothing that beautiful could be real.

We relaxed at the spa, we shopped and ate (I have never seen three girls more excited about a caramel apple in all my life) and went horseback riding. But mostly, we just laid around, had a few drinks (or a bottle of wine!) and talked. We may be older and falling apart a little here and there, but somehow we managed to be back in college again, if only it was for just a weekend.

Roommate Trip: Galena 2012


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