Political Opinion Pushers

I hate election years. I hate the signs flanking the highways and the ones littering yards. I hate, in fact despise, the calls to my home, often during the dinner hour or just when I finally sit down to watch my DVR'd shows. If there is one piece of advice I would offer a politician it would be to STOP CALLING PEOPLE'S HOUSES! No one really likes political phone calls.

I don't talk politics. I don't usually share who I vote for and I will not argue with you about which candidate I feel is "best" or "right" for the job. That is not to say I don't have my opinions, I do, but I don't feel the need to shove my personal political opinions down your throat.

So with that, I am begging you, yes you know who you are, to stop doing that very thing to others. You have the right to your opinion, yes. You have the right to support one candidate over another, yes. The thing political opinion pushers (that's my new name for these people) don't realize is that there are two sides to every story and no single person is ever right every. single. time. So while you support your candidate whole heartedly, you also have to be open-minded enough to actually hear what the other person is saying. You need to try and understand all points of view, not just one point because it is Republican or Democrat. You still have the right to your opinion and you still have the right to support one guy over the other. But you really don't have the right to be an ignorant ass, or a political opinion pusher.

Sometimes you just need to agree to disagree.

I don't argue about policies when I don't know all the accurate details. I do know that a woman's rights are a huge concern for me, as a woman. I support Planned Parenthood because it offers women affordable healthcare. If you are a man and feel like women's rights are not a big concern to you, shame on you. You had a mother, a grandmother, aunt, sister or daughter. If you also believe that a deficit that has more decimal places than I can count is just going to go away without cutting spending or raising taxes, you are not as intelligent as I give you credit for. The list of policies and plans that are promised to be made is a lengthy one. It is easy to promise things when you don't actually have any intention of following through with.

The truth is at the end of this election one person will get the incredibly difficult job of running this country. A lot of people will be disappointed that "their" candidate didn't win. That is the thing about races, there is only one winner. I can guarantee you one thing, complaining about it for the next 4 years (like so many have for the past 4) will not change a thing. You also need to realize that you have never been President of the United States, therefore you have no f'ing clue how difficult the job is. You don't get to criticize something you have never done.

So instead of the constant Facebook statuses bashing one guy or the other or instead of making references like Obuma or Mittens, why don't you take that opportunity to actually tell people why you support the guy you do? 95% of people spend all their time complaining about and bashing the opposing candidate. Did it ever occur to you that you could actually share positive things about the candidate you actually DO support? Have you never heard the phrase that even bad press is good press? Instead you make arguments about policies you don't know everything about (the truth is so far removed from elections that it is almost impossible to know what is true and what isn't) and you sound ignorant. When I hear you talk like this, or post something on Twitter or Facebook that is completely ignorant, I judge you. I don't want to, but you leave me no choice.

I have a political opinion. I have a candidate I want to win. I don't expect you, or ask you, to agree with me. I respect your opinion and you should respect mine.

3 Girls and a Million Memories

It is hit or miss when you live with someone. It could be a happy ever after story with BFF's galore or it could be all wash your dishes, bitch. You just never know. If you are one of the lucky ones, like I was, it was both.

My last several years of college were spent living with two of the most amazing girls. Through those years, a lot of drinks, several boys, a ton of laughs and some occasional tears we made a million memories. Some of them are remembering just how often we wanted to kill one another and so many of them are just remembering us being together, sharing everything, talking on the kitchen floor until we had nothing left to say. They were some of the best years of my life.

Since that time, we have moved to different cities, gotten married and managed to have some of the cutest kiddos out there. Our lives are busy, so much so that it will be months between conversations sometimes and was years before we had all seen each other. It is sad that it takes us years to find the time to get together, but I am certain after our past weekend together that will no longer be the case.

It was as if we never left one another. We couldn't stop laughing and the talking was almost exhausting. After all these years, they are still my BFF's. They just know me and I them, we don't need to make excuses or offer explanations for our thoughts and feelings. They just truly get me and I haven't had such a relaxing time in a long time.

Galena was gorgeous this time of year and we were lucky enough to see the hot air balloons launching each morning outside our patio and the trees changing colors almost looked fake, because nothing that beautiful could be real.

We relaxed at the spa, we shopped and ate (I have never seen three girls more excited about a caramel apple in all my life) and went horseback riding. But mostly, we just laid around, had a few drinks (or a bottle of wine!) and talked. We may be older and falling apart a little here and there, but somehow we managed to be back in college again, if only it was for just a weekend.

Roommate Trip: Galena 2012