The Fog of Summer

I have been living in a fog of summer. It is a glorious, hot, sticky fog made of sunscreen, sand, good books and record high temperatures. Chicago has literally felt like it is on fire this last month. I like hot weather and even I am feeling the effects of the heat.

We have been busy with weekend trips, full on vacations, lazy days at the pool, work, summer camps for the boys and trying to keep up with our regular daily life stuff. Laundry and grocery shopping are the official buzz kill to my summer.

We started with several trips up north camping at my Dad's, chased that right into Jason & I away for a long weekend in Kentucky for our annual Adults Gone Wild trip and came home for a few days before heading to Michigan for our family vacation on the beach. We will make another trip up north this weekend before finishing our summer tour with a weekend trip for Jay & I to Green Lake, WI for more adult fun.

Summer is exhausting. I am tired of the packing and unpacking, but love the time we have had away both alone and as a family.

 The Girls at Adults Gone Wild

The whole Adults Gone Wild gang.

 Dune Buggy Ride

 Big Red

 A beautiful Southwest Michigan sunset.

I have been enjoying all the trips but have been completely slacking in my diet and exercise. I am only working out about half as much as I normally do, which basically means I have only been wearing clothes that don't button. I can feel myself getting soft, and round, which isn't good when it is 100 degrees out. Parts of my body are starting to stick together that shouldn't. 

It is a good thing this summer is rapidly coming to a close because I need to get back on track before I become the Mom that has to wear sweatpants to school drop off because my pants don't fit. This is a real threat at this point....and I just ate a pop tart, so ya know, I am totally taking this diet thing seriously. 

In other unrelated news, I am still dealing with the healing of the dog bite (which has also not helped with my exercise plans) and I have also scheduled a surgery to have my newly discovered umbilical hernia fixed at the end of the month. Apparently being pregnant with Joey destroyed multiple parts of me...and my boobs thought they were the only ones ruined! That kid has been shit-wrecking since the womb.  Fun times! Up next, my birthday (I am turning 30, again) and back to school.

Please excuse me while I go eat away enjoy the rest of my summer! 


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