Once Bitten

**WARNING: This post contains nasty, graphic pictures. If you are a wuss I would skip this post!**

I never ride my bike to the gym. I sometimes jog, or walk while the boys ride their bikes, but mostly when I go to the gym I drive. My friends give me a hard time about this because I only live a few blocks away and since I am going there to exercise they don't get why I'm lazy and driving there instead of biking.

Last Wednesday I decided I would bike to the Y. I spend a little over 2 hours at the gym on Wednesdays doing my TRX and Body Combat classes. Since it is my night, yes Jason and I each get a night, and I am there so long, I don't take the kids with me. It was a beautiful night, I was kids free, I might as well be less lazy and bike, right?

As I was biking I approached a lady walking her dog. The dog was on a leash with a pronged collar. It was a decent sized dog (I think some sort of Shepard mix) and as I got closer to her I casually yell out, I'm coming up on your right. I don't want to hit you or your dog! She acknowledges me by saying okay and pulls the dog closer to her side. I start to ride around them and really swerve to almost the point of riding on the grass when just as I pass, WAM! The dog jumps out and bites my left calf.

I almost fell off the bike from the pull and as I caught myself, in shock, I looked down at my calf to see it bleeding down my leg. As I yell something like OHMYGOD! the lady simply tells me, it's okay, the dog is fine. 

This is when my mind goes all WHAT THE F...and I say, no, lady your dog is NOT okay, it just bit my leg.

Her response almost made me lose my mind. She replies, that is from your bike chain. Yes, you read that right...she thought the gouge out of the outside of my calf was from my bike chain.

I was less calm when I explained that bike chains don't generally hit the outside of your leg and also WTF kind of bike chain do you think my Huffy has? Spiked? Razor blades?

I will make an already looonnnggg story shorter by telling you that I did require a trip to the ER. That super fun time included a tetanus shot (sweet hell my arm still feels like I was hit with a baseball bat), the would irrigated and washed (OMFG!) and then three stitches through just the middle, deepest point and the cherry on top of all that was a prescription for 10 days of a strong-ass antibiotic.

The ER doctors explained that dog bites have a very high rate / risk of infection so they usually don't stitch them closed for the fear of shutting the bacteria inside causing a raging infection. Since my bite was gaping opened and just begging for additional bacteria and shit to get in it, they decided to sew it lightly up while leaving some of the middle and edges open so it could heal from the inside out.

I have had cuts, stitches...hell I have had a thumb torn off and been bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider and I was not prepared for how painful this bite would be. The actual wound burns like someone is holding a lighter to my skin ALL THE TIME. The back of my calf, where the bottom of the dogs jaw caught me is bruised deep under the skin so it is hard and hurts to touch. I am pretty much miserable on my entire left side between the leg and the tetanus shot in my left arm. I am also really tired since I usually sleep on my left side and that is absolutely out of the question right now.

It is not a good situation.

I don't want to get into much about the owner of the dog except to say it was a weird situation dealing with her and she claims her dog is vaccinated and agreed to have the dog tested for Rabies. I haven't heard from her since she watched me limp away with my bike by my side after she apologized and said, let me know if I can pay your co-pay.

Yeah. Needless to say there are insurance companies that need to be involved and lawyers have been talked to. We'll see what happens. I just hope, and pray, that this was a one-time random fluke and her dog never bites again. I also hope she keeps her dog away from children just to be on the safe side.

I adore dogs and as I've mentioned here many times, I have a Rottweiler. These dogs are big and often judged as being aggressive and mean. I have never experienced any aggressive behavior with my dogs, although Jason and I spend a lot of time training and disciplining our dog, probably more time than we spend disciplining our kids. The reason being, we know, if not trained properly, our dog could really hurt someone or worse yet kill someone. It is our responsibility to be sure our dog never reacts aggressively, NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION.

I can say, it would kill me, but if my dog did to someone what this dog has done to me, she would be gone. It just isn't okay.

Good thing she's sweet as Sugar!

Sugar, 15 weeks

A sleepy boy and his girl.

This story is far from over, as is my healing. I just want to be able to work out and swim with my kids and, well, walking without a limp would be super great right now too. This is a total buzz kill to the start of my summer. Needless to say I won't be biking to the gym anymore. This makes the couch look better and better!