Introducing Sugar

I am happy to introduce you to the newest member of the Krausfeldt family, Sugar!
She's 8 weeks old and probably one of the cutest things I have ever seen. She goes by Sugar Britches, Lil' Britches, Sugar Bear, Sugar Pie, Shuggs, or just plain Sugar. (note: she has no idea what her name is and since we seem to call her a million different things there is a good possibility she will never know her actual name.)

Sugar is a Rottweiler and will grow to be a big dog (100+ pounds.) Before anyone gets all nuts that I have a Rottweiler and start in with the oh my God, aren't those dogs mean? Won't they eat your kids? kind of questions, let me remind you that we've had this breed of dog before. No, they aren't mean or at least any meaner than any other dog could potentially be and they are actually very smart, loving and loyal dogs. I understand we aren't always the world's greatest parents, but I assure you we would not have a pet that might eat our children. Besides, Sugar is too busy trying to eat the 12 pairs of Crocs in my house to even be concerned with eating my stinky children.

We brought her home on Saturday morning and it has added to the already insane craziness that has been going on in my house. As I mentioned, Joey had surgery last week and although everything went well the recovery has been rough and he is still not feeling well. He has not been sleeping well and since Sugar's least favorite place is her crate, her cries have meant none of us are sleeping well! Joey has been thrilled to have Sugar here to snuggle with and the two of them are in a competition for who can whine the loudest. Fun times!

Puppies are like babies and I am not sure which is easier at this point. Babies have the fact that they wear diapers going for them but puppies usually come out on top because you can out them in cages and leave them! I will say I never had to leave my warm house to change / nurse a baby in the night and I have never spent so much time in my backyard as I have in the last 48 hours. If peeing were a sport, Sugar would be an Olympic pee-er. I feel like I am taking her out every 10 minutes.

I am hoping she gets used to the fact that she has no momma or siblings to snuggle with anymore and gets used to the comforts of her crate so her cries at night will become less and less. Until then, we are all sleeping with pillows over our heads, when we are sleeping at all.

The boys already adore her. I assure you this will change the minute she eats their Legos, so sometime next week. We are so happy to have her and can't wait for the fun times ahead (aka poop cleaning and dog training!)


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