Forever & Ever

The topic of marriage has randomly come up several times in the last few days. First, a huge shout out to my dear friend and sister from another mother, Kristie Cozzi on her engagement. I don't think I have ever been more anxious for someone to get engaged, beside myself, than her. I couldn't be happier for her and her fiance Chris.

The wedding talk started when Jason and I were talking to another couple that are really good friends of ours. We were discussing marriage, or more specifically getting married, and that was when the question was asked. Would you guys still be married if you didn't have kids? We were all laughing and joking and the mood was light-hearted, but then they (our friends) both said, rather bluntly and honestly, that they wouldn't be. They admitted if they didn't have their kids they would most likely not be married anymore. I was shocked, kinda, I mean these friends are always talking about how they dislike each other and teasing one another. I always believed they were just joking and I am guessing they still were kidding, but maybe a little bit of that was the truth coming out.

I just assumed they were making jokes about being married like 95% of married people do. The wives complain about how the husbands do nothing around the house and the husbands complain about how they never have sex or get blow jobs. This is just what married couples do.

When our friends asked us this question, I answered quickly and honestly that yes, I would want to be married, no matter what. Kids or no kids, I would want to spend the rest of my life waking up next to my husband. Forever. 

I am happily married. I love my husband. I know, that seems obvious to say but, maybe it's not. I know people stay in unhappy marriages for all sorts of reasons, kids probably topping the list, but I guess I just can't understand why. If you wouldn't want to be married to your partner without kids, why do you want to be married to them with kids? The marriage part of the relationship is somewhat separate from the family aspect, in my opinion anyway.

Then on Monday at work a few of the girls I work with were talking and one said she doesn't know anyone that really loves being married, except me. Once again the question of would you still be married if you didn't have kids came up and surprisingly all three of the ladies I was talking to said they didn't think they would. When I stated that I would, they asked me didn't I miss going out and flirting or going home with whoever? One girl actually said, "Don't you miss doing the walk of shame?" I explained to her that the reason you go to college is to do the walk of shame and truthfully, after a while aren't you kind of like, damn, I wish I had a ride?

Why is it when you are single you want a boyfriend / girlfriend more than anything and then when you get one, you want nothing more than to be single? It is the whole grass is always greener concept, when in reality if you just water your own grass, it would be green too. You get what you put in.

I can't imagine not being married to Jason. I loved college and the fun of flirting and walk of shames just like anyone else. Now I just love getting the ride home.

P.S. Tomorrow morning my sweet-faced boy goes in to have his surgery. If you could keep him in your good thoughts, we would greatly appreciate it. xoxo


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