Sayonara February!

Who is happy it’s March 1st? This girl, right here. I have mentioned my dislike of February before, and this February was no exception. I do feel like a jerk even talking bad about how crappy February usually is since we have had a gloriously mild winter in Chicago this year.

Yes, I know now that I said that we will get 4 feet of snow next week. I get how karma works. Seriously though, it was 62 and sunny for most of the day yesterday and taking the kids to the zoo in February has never been so much fun.

Almost as tall as a Grizzly bear!

So as far as most Februarys go, this one was by far the best I can recall. It is still the yucky part of what feels like the never-ending, ugly winter around here. Which is totally different from the early, Christmas season part of winter and all things jolly. The end of winter is dirty and gray and (usually) cold enough to wear you down into a deep I never want to get out of bed kind of depression.

This past month, yeah past as in over, was full of sickness, doctors, medicines, medical tests, the talk of surgery and more sickness. So yeah, see ya later alligator. The only thing I find decent about February is Jack’s birthday and even that was kind of destroyed by sickness this year. I could care less about Valentine’s Day and if it wasn’t for the tradition of Lou Malnati’s pizza Jay and I hold true to, that day would be no different than any other. I was spoiled by my boys this year and received a super sweet necklace for Valentine’s Day. A Lisa Leonard gift is always the way to a girls’ heart (chased by Lou’s pizza, of course.) Those three really are the greatest boys ever.

A little love from my them!

I am hopeful March will bring things other than snotty noses to our house. I am looking forward to things blooming and green things to start appearing. Our house is happier when the boys get some time to play outside each day and Jack has been waiting to learn to ride his new 2-wheeler ever since Santa brought it, which seems like forever ago. Jason and Joey celebrate birthdays this month so we will have more birthday party fun to look forward to and well, cake, of course. It is, after all, the most important part of a birthday!

Our new puppy comes home the first week of April and we are all excited about what fun chaos she will bring. We still don’t have a name for her but we get to meet her in a couple of weeks and hopefully when we see her sweet face we’ll know her name.

One of these little fatties will soon be ours!

We still aren’t past the threat of surgery and it looks like it may be inevitable and Joey will need to have a number of procedures in the near future. Nothing super serious but necessary to help him breathe and just be healthier. It is just not something any of us wants and to say we dread it is an understatement. Having to decide if surgery is the right decision for your kid (when it isn’t something obvious like an appendix or something) is the suckiest part of being a parent yet. I just hate to put my little guy through all that and he is such a good sport about all the tests and doctors that it makes me feel even worse. He trusts me to make him feel better and I am afraid in order to do that I am going to have to cause him so much pain. We shall see…

No matter what March brings, it is still not February anymore and that is good news.

Welcome, Spring. 

Necklace photo from   Check her amazing jewelry out, you will love it. I promise.