Roid Rage

We have a full blown case of roid rage going on over here, again. I keep saying, poor Joey, but what I am really thinking is, poor me. It started on Sunday night with a crazy allergic reaction to who knows what, which triggered an asthma attack and out of nowhere came this horrendous cough. Because obviously one of those things alone wouldn't have been awful enough, so we better get all three to deal with at once because that will be more fun!

So, so much motherfucking fun!

We ended up in the ER at around 1a.m. and thankfully we got right in and it was slow so we didn't have any old people moaning next to us or any drunk guys screaming about having to piss in a cup for a drug test. Those were always the super fun visits.

Our local hospital is brand new and opened less than a year ago and I can say it is incredible. The ER rooms are all private, with doors!, and each has its own flat screen TV and bathroom. It is such an improvement from the old ER and now I can actually make myself take my kid there in the middle of the night.

What I don't love so much is when I get nurses or doctors, who although are incredibly kind, don't really seem to either know how to handle my kid or me as a parent. Any time an ER doctor says to you, "What do you think we should do?" You should make a mental note that this is not the best situation. I have incredible doctors for my son and it is unfortunate that sometimes his condition requires me to have to use the ER and its often less than stellar docs. I will clarify that not all of them are bad, but a few just lack what I am looking for in a doctor. Like answers and solutions and medical expertise, you know, small stuff.

I appreciate them asking me how I feel my son is doing, but let me fill you in on a little secret. If I got out of my warm bed and drove my 4 year old to the hospital in the middle of the night, it is not because I feel like he is doing okay. I thought this would have been implied by my visit, but alas it obviously was not.

So yeah, his face swelling? It normally doesn't look that way perhaps more than a shot of Benadryl should be considered. I could have done that at home. His breathing and non-stop cough? A problem. One that can (and usually does) quickly worsen being that my kid is severely asthmatic. So, yes, thank you for the nebulizer treatment of special epinephrine drug, that helped. The problem is when I ask you if I can get a prescription for that for home and you explain to me that they are only allowed to administer it in the hospital because he needs to be monitored on it and you are releasing us to go home, of course I am curious what in the sams hell you think I am going to do when he starts coughing as soon as we get back home? 

It is this question that makes you wonder whether or not you should admit him? Since it is almost 5am, my thought would be yes since he is 1) no better and 2) we are exhausted and 3) you could give him the secret neb treatment and monitor him and 4) AGAIN, HE IS NOT BETTER! But, you say you think if I just do my regular nebs at home around the f'ing clock his breathing should be okay and the cough sounds like croup (which the secret medicine was for) but follow up with you doctor to be sure and his face? Oh yeah, not sure why it is still swollen with hives. He must be having a reaction to something. WELL NO FUCKING SHIT, SMARTY PANTS!

As you can see it was a very long, incredibly frustrating evening. We left after they gave him a double dose of steroids and after following up with his "real" doctor yesterday it was determined that it was a croup cough and he still had wheezy lungs. His face was still bad but after a few more doses of antihistamine he was just itching and sneezing instead of swelled up like a plumper. His seasonal allergies are so bad and the early blooming this year along with the swings in weather (85 one day and 40 a day or two later) has made him a disaster. I am actually concerned he is going to scratch his eyeballs right out of his head.

The best part is I have surgery scheduled on April 4th for him to have some procedures done that will hopefully help him feel better. His CT scan showed chronic sinusitis meaning his sinus cavities are packed solid with infection that no antibiotic can clear (trust me, we tried 45 days worth.) This issue is also causing an increase in breathing issues, his pulmonologist believes anyway, so the plan is to do a procedure that will open up his sinus passages. They will also remove his tonsils, his adenoids (AGAIN, the damn things were removed and have grown back because they are apparently over-achieving adenoids) and they will also remove a tube that is stuck in his ear that should have fallen out by now. Yes, it is a lot to do to one 4 year old's face / head. It is going to suck bad, most likely really, really bad, but the hope is he will feel so much better once his sinuses are cleared. Poor kid has been complaining of a headache nearly every day for months.

Hopefully clearing the sinuses will also improve his asthma. They say they are all connected through some sort of pulmonary tree or something or another. All I know is they say it should work and I am praying it WILL work because he is only 4 and he doesn't need to go through this all the time. He needs to run and play without wheezing!

So we are on steroids, yet again. I think this is his 6th round of steroids this winter alone and we hardly even had a winter here! It is rough and the side effects are horrible. He brings a whole new meaning to the term roid rage. He is fine one minute and losing his ever-loving shit the next. It is impossible to deal with at times and I just have to let him freak out and wait for a calm to pass over him. I wish I could put him in a t-shirt that says "I'm hopped up on roids" so people would understand the craziness and behavior swings. The drug is a miracle worker for his lungs though so we do it. It works and it usually works pretty quickly so I will tolerate my child becoming a monster, but oh sweet Lord is it difficult.

I feel horrible for my boy. He is brave and deals with so much, but I really can not help but feel bad for myself as well. It is hard being a Mom on any given day. It is hell parenting a kid on steroids.

Fingers crossed his lungs clear and we can actually go through with the surgery next week. It will suck but going through this week after week, month after month is sucks way worse, I think.


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