Weekend Away

Last weekend my company hosted an awards dinner party at the Trump Tower Hotel in Chicago. Think super fancy wedding in a ballroom with amazing views, fancy food, open bar, a DJ, dancing, but no bride or groom. It is an awesome thing that they do for their employees and part of the deal is they pick up the tab for the night at the hotel. Super generous and it's really a great time.

This year they also raffled off an additional night at the hotel. I won. Jason and I were really looking forward to our weekend away. I realize we only live 20 minutes away from the city, but when you get down there and are kid-free it feels like a million miles.

The view from our room.

The hotel was nothing less than amazing. Truly a top-notch place that I would suggest to anyone staying in Chicago. The view was lovely, the bed was heavenly and the much-needed alone time with my husband was treasured. 

 Morning sun shining through onto buildings.

View looking West out my window. The el tracks all lit up.

Since we had the entire day on Saturday to hang out, I talked Jason into heading to the Sears, er Willis, whatever, Tower to check out the amazing view and the new glass walk outs on the Skydeck. For those of you unfamiliar, a year or two ago they built these boxes out of the west side of the tower made completely of glass. You step into a box that appears to be supported by nothing. I thought I would chicken out once I was up there but the view was breathtaking. It was a clear day and we could see all the way to Wisconsin and Indiana. 

I tried, I mean begged and pleaded, to get Jason to join me out in the glass box but there was no persuading him. He preferred to keep his feet on solid ground. I would love to not call him a chicken, but he was totally that - chicken. Hopefully one day I can get him out there to see his feet with the river below. I did feel incredibly lucky to live so close to such a beautiful city.

The Hancock building (all black) and the Trump Tower (silver).

Me in the box, 103 floors above Chicago.

My feet, the city, and the river below.

It was a perfect Saturday together, enjoying the view and then some Lou Malnati's pizza, uninterrupted. No noses to wipe, cartoons on the TV or pee on the bathroom floor. When we got back to our room each night our bed had been turned down, slippers left next to the bed, fresh bottles of water on the nightstands and soft music playing in our room. A girl could really get used to living like that!

Ready for our night out.

Sunday came all too quickly and we were back home to the boys. It was nice to get the opportunity to miss them and that made leaving the fabulousness of the Trump easier to do. A special thank you shout out to my Mom for spending the weekend babysitting. Lord knows my boys can be a handful and she managed to keep them alive, and even took them to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. To say I owe her is the understatement of the year. Thanks, Mom. xoxo