A Week of Lessons

Like I mentioned last week, life has been insane lately and I have been hanging on by a thread. Some days you need to just give in to the notion that things are out of your hands and what will be, will be.

I did manage to learn a few life lessons this week.

  1. Girl Scout cookie season may ruin me, or better yet, my diet.
  2. If your child continually complains of a headache, for weeks, it is okay that you, as a mother, think he has a brain tumor. This is insane and perfectly rational all at the same time.
  3. A good pediatrician will not make you feel crazy when you admit, slightly teary-eyed, that you think your sweet boy might have a brain tumor.
  4. Samoa cookies are made little bites of heavenly goodness. (see also #1)
  5. When you think something is going to be impossibly difficult, it just may turn out to be easier than you prepared for.
  6. It is totally possible for a 3 year old boy to lay perfectly still while having a CT scan - amazing you and the nurses.
  7. The attitude you have is solely determined by you. No one else. It is easier said than done, but trying to not let others affect how you act is hugely important in being happy.
  8. You can ask two doctors to examine the same kid, ask them questions, and get two totally different answers.
  9. Sometimes your expertise as a parent is just as valuable as any doctors diagnosis. 
  10. Kids are difficult and parenting is hard. There are days that I want to give up but then I remind myself how fortunate I am to have kids to make me crazy.
  11. When life goes crazy and you can't get to them gym as you normally would, you will be okay. You may weigh a pound or two more, but you will be okay.
  12. Hiring a cleaning lady will be one of the best things you could do for yourself, and ultimately, your family. Less time spent cleaning means more time for other things.
  13. If you don't make time to talk to your partner, then you will never have the time. You just need to make the time.
  14. The day your kid makes it to the bathroom to throw-up, instead of in a bed or on the floor, you will be so proud. It is an accomplishment you never expected to feel proud of.
  15. Some weeks just suck. The key is making sure not all of them do. #4 helps make this easier.
Here's to a better week...