Pity Party

It still amazes me how fast my life goes from smooth sailing, everything is going alright, to a downhill spiral with me landing in a pile of crap.

Since this is a semi-common pattern, I am not sure why this surprises me. It is like when you jump into a lake early in the summer. You know the water is going to be chilly but you still scream when you come up for air, shocked by how cold it is. I am still shocked every time my life spirals me down to the shit. Like I expected something else to be waiting there for me. That is never the case, it is always shit.

We are all sick. I know it is winter in Chicago and just about every single person has a snotty nose, but it has been going on for a few weeks around our house and I am over it. Jason and I have the usual sinus thing going on, but the kids were hit with something bigger and uglier and they are not bouncing back as fast as any of us would like. I have been to the doctor six times in the last 2 1/2 weeks between the two boys. You are welcome Blue Cross Blue Shield. At least we got the deductible out of the way.

Between the two germ mongers we have had wheezing, respiratory infection, sinus infection, bleeding ear drum, ear infection, fever, sinus infection again, vomiting, more fever, uncontrollable coughing - oh sweet Jesus the COUGHING, CT scan of the head and MORE COUGHING.

I have spent a shit ton (yes, that is a real measurement) on antibiotics, Motrin, Tylenol, cough drops, Gatorade, nebulizer meds, cough suppressant, decongestant, antihistamine, expectorant...and a lot of other medicines that end in -ant that are supposed to make your kid better that don't. I should own Walgreens by now. I am pretty certain my pediatrician and ENT's kids will go to college thanks to me and my sickly offspring. My kids on the other hand will have a bajillion dollars in school loans because we will be broke from paying for these illnesses.

Yes, I am bitter. So what.

That isn't even all of it. A simple thing like a clogged shower drain resulted in a busted pipe, a water soaked basement, a thousand dollars and a whole lotta tears. There was ugly crying. I hate ugly crying. Right after the plumber fixed the broken pipe he informed us that all our plumbing needs to be replaced sooner than later - IN MY WHOLE HOUSE. My kids should just kiss college goodbye and start selling drugs now. Mama's gonna go broke so we can have running water and toilets that flush.

Top all that off with a pricey car repair and our tax accountant telling us we owe money to the IRS and I am the queen of my very own pity party. You are all invited to join me. Misery loves company so the more the merrier.