Bribery At Its Finest

This past week my sister, Amy and my Mom came down and we ran to the mall before heading out for some lunch.

They chose Portillos so they could get their fix.  For those of you not from the Chicagoland area, Portillos is an infamous hot dog and Italian beef fast food restaurant. It is a Holy place in the area and people who come into town for a visit always beg to eat there. It is tasty, but also right down the street from my house so not as thrilling to me. Well, that and I don't eat hot dogs, beef sandwiches and the like.

When I go to Portillos I order a Chopped Salad. It is a delicious salad on the scale of good salads (and they give you a muffin, which is a win because everyone likes muffins) and I am always happy to go there and get the salad while my family gets its hot dog craving satiated.

There is one thing about Portillos I have a hard time resisting, the french fries. Make that cheese fries! They have the best french fries, yes even better than McDonalds, and the cheese, well who doesn't love anything dipped in nacho cheese?

When I go to Portillos alone I am fine. I get my salad and muffin, yeah done, but when I go there with just about anyone else I inevitably end up stealing a few fries. Just to get a quick taste of what deliciousness I am depriving myself of for the sake of thinner thighs.

Back to my sister, Mom and I having lunch, as I head to the salad line and my sister to the "unhealthy" food line, I confirm with her that she is ordering french fries. I need to know, up front, if I am going to eat the rabbit food that there will be a couple of french fries that I can steal. She reassures me that, yes, she would be ordering herself and my Mom fries.

We get our food and as we are eating, I grab a few fries from my Mom's container and continue eating my salad. When I go back for a couple more fries they are just about gone so I quickly look to my sisters fry container, no luck. I am disgruntled because now that I have had a taste of the fry goodness I obviously want more.

It is then that this conversation occurs:

Mom: So what are the chances of you having another baby?

Me: As of today, not so good. I am just not sure it's going to happen, Mom.

Mom: What if I bought you your very own cheese fries? How about then?

Me: Are you bribing me to have a baby with an order of cheese fries?

Mom: Yes

Me: Nicely played but not even for a cheese fry, Mom.

This just goes to show 1) how well my Mom knows me (and my love of Portillos cheese fries) and 2) that my Mom will try and bribe me with anything, literally anything, to talk me into another baby.