Anyone who has ever been proposed to remembers the moment the person they love popped the big question. It is one of those life-changing moments and the memory is one you are not likely to forget.

That is why people go to great extremes to make the proposal just right. Exotic trips, special dinners at the restaurant you had your first date, on the jumbo-tron screen at a big sporting event, or even on-stage at your favorite concert. Generally the person doing the asking puts a great deal of time and planning into asking someone to marry them. It is just what people do. They fret about making the moment perfect because that will hopefully up the odds of the person saying yes, and if it is a moment you are going to remember forever it just seems like it should be one you make fancier than all the other ho-hum moments in life.

On December 6th, 2002 Jason proposed to me. It was one of those life-changing moments and I will, without a doubt, remember it forever.

When you date someone for 6 years, and you love them, you often think about marrying them. I am no exception to this rule. I made it no secret that I wanted to get married and in all fairness, Jason made it no secret that we would one day get married but that it wouldn't be until he was ready. So I waited, some days more patiently than others but I did what any girl who was head over heels in love with a boy would do. I waited, well that and I bought a house with him because that seemed to make sense. 

I knew we would end up happily married someday but at the time I was thinking the 6-year wait was a bit long. Looking back, I think that six years was the best thing we could have ever done for our relationship. As much as I hate to admit it, Jay was right about waiting.

Sometime during year 4 1/2 I found a picture of an engagement ring I loved. I ripped the ad out of the magazine and hung it on our refrigerator. I hung it there because I loved looking at that ring and I wanted to offer a subtle reminder to Jason that no, the milk wasn't free and yes, he was going to have to buy this cow. Also, the longer he waited the more expensive the cow might be.

He was a good sport about it for a long time and then one day there was mention from one of us about the ring picture and the argument ended with me taking the ad down and yelling something or another about never getting the ring anyway. I tucked that picture away in my bin of special things and that was the end of it. Yes, we would still talk about whether or not he was ever going to propose but I backed off on the talk of the ring as much as possible.

My thought was, he should want to marry me. He should feel lucky to have me and if I had to talk him in to it or remind him of these things then I didn't want to marry him after all.

I can't recall how long we went on living with the ring picture tucked away but it was for quite some time. During that time, we were happy and in love. I loved that ring but I knew I loved him more than any piece of jewelry so we lived our lives together  - no ring.

Fast forward to 2002 and you will find me laid up for two weeks with one of the worst colds / sinus infections a person could be plagued with. I had been in bed for what felt like forever and I was miserable.

I can still remember laying in bed feeling so sorry for myself and wanting nothing more than to be up and feeling well again when Jason came home from work. He came strolling in our bedroom carrying what looked like a magazine. He asked how I was feeling and when I snapped back that I was most likely dying, thank you so much for asking, he proceeded to tell me my ring made the front cover of the local jewelry store's Christmas catalog. He tossed it to me so I could take a look and sure enough there in all its sparkly gorgeousness was the ring I loved. All perfect looking with its impeccable clarity and cut and huge carat size. 

Being the sick and bitter girl I was, I threw the catalog across the room. The last thing I wanted rubbed in my sick, snotty nose was the ring I was not getting. Jason picked the catalog up and begged me to get out of bed and head downstairs to snuggle on the couch to watch a movie with him. Talking me into getting out of bed was no easy task and I was super annoyed that he was even asking me to get up. I recall thinking, clearly he is not realizing exactly how sick I am. 

I stomped downstairs and laid on the couch buried under blanket after quilt after blanket and was hastily flipping through the TV channels when I realized he was sitting slightly behind me in the chair flipping through the jewelry catalog. All I could think was, are you fucking kidding me? This guy just doesn't get it.

When he started talking to me about the ring again, I just kept flipping through the channels getting angrier and angrier. In my mind he was cruel. I was sick as a dog, he dragged me out of bed and now he was going to tell me how beautiful the ring was - AS IF I DIDN'T KNOW? Seriously?

It wasn't until he said something like, what would you say if I bought you a ring like this? I remember rolling my eyes and answering rather hastily, you won't so I wouldn't think anything of it. Still flipping through channel after channel looking for something, anything, to focus my attention on so I didn't jump up and kill him.

My blood was boiling so when he asked me again; no really what do you think you'd say if I showed up with this rin...? He couldn't even finish his statement before I lost it. I remember screaming, why are you doing this to me? You are never going to buy me that fucking ring so just shut the fuck up!

As the last few words rolled off my angry tongue I sat my clogged head up and whipped around to face him as if to say you are messing with the wrong girl today. I am sick and not in the mood for your bullshit!

It was just as my head was thinking those things that I noticed he was on his knee in front of me. There was a ring box and the sweetest words I have ever heard. I remember the dizziness taking over and wondering if it was the cold pills or the moment and when he opened that box and my ring, the ring I dreamed of for years, was in it, I remember letting myself be dizzy. This was happening. It was really happening, to me, after 6 long years. 

I was in pajamas and hadn't showered. I had matted hair and was as ugly as any sick girl with a red chapped nose who had been in bed for days smelling like Vicks Vapor Rub could be. He still asked me. Right there in our living room with no fancy anything around, he asked me to marry him. I have never been more sure of an answer in my entire life. We cried and in between my sobs and asking him how he paid for such an amazing ring, I blew my nose on his shirt and told him over and over how much I loved him. 

I love him more today than ever and I adore the memory of that moment. It was perfect, for us. I was me at my worst and he loved me anyway. I literally blew snot on his sweatshirt and he never even flinched. I will take that over the Eiffel Tower or some fancy romantic dinner any day. 

At the end of the day it wasn't about the beautiful ring or a fancy location or me being dolled up in the perfect outfit. It was about him and it was about me. Together. That is a memory I will never forget and the easiest yes I have ever said.