Out With The Old....In With 2012

It has been quite a year. I left 2010 with high hopes and a positive outlook and am leaving 2011 the same way. When I was younger I didn't realize exactly how much change could occur in one years time. Back then it was just time passing and although I had accomplishments and ups and downs, the years passing as adults seem to mean so much more.

Another year passing means another year my boys have grown and OMG! where did my babies go and when did these smart, insane and loving small people get here? My kids are my every last breath and having them has brought so much to my life. There is not a way to describe that kind of love. I look forward to another year of watching them learn and grow and having them not only make me crazy each day but amaze me as well.

It also means another year I have been married to Jay and anyone who is married knows, marriage is hard work and the years are truly a work in compromise and love. I am so thankful to have him to spend the years with. He is my everything.

It was also another year I was able to spend with my family and this past year we spent more time up north at my Dad's place and spending time with him and my sisters, watching my boys get to be boys has brought me incredible joy.  My Dad is one of the funniest, loving people I know. He brings my family so many laughs and I hope to spend more time with him this year.

I always spend a lot of time with my Mom and my Mother-in-Law and this past year was no exception. My Mom went through a difficult surgery and as she always does, worked her ass off to get herself healthy again. My MIL continues to be a support to Jay and I and she proved (yet again) to be more selfless than most women I know at the end of this year. Her help has been a true gift that Jason and I are both so incredibly thankful for.

I am well aware that as I get older so do my parents and having another year with them in my life is something I am so grateful for. I am well aware that there are many people who are not as fortunate as I am.

I have always felt lucky to have my sisters and this year was no exception. The four of us together, with our spouses and kids are truly a loving, dysfunctional mess of a family. I would give any of them everything I had if they needed it.

I am old enough to know that there is little chance a year will pass without some low points. We have had our share of those this year, but those low points brought us love at some point or have taught us to be better people. We have loved and learned which is all anyone can ask.

I have big hopes for 2012. I have my own personal goals and also a wish list of things I hope for my family. No matter what the new year brings our way, we will get through it together and that is my biggest dream come true - us together.

To all my friends and even the perfect strangers that come here to read my life stories, thank you.

So from my family to yours, Happy New Year! May 2012 be a happy, healthy year and may it bring you all you've wished for!