I Am So Jealous (As is My Husband)

It is no secret that I work out and spend a good portion of my free time in the gym running, boxing TRXing and so on. I consider myself to be in decent shape most of the time.

My definition of decent shape means my pants button and aren't too tight, I can run a couple of miles without wanting to die and I can do some push ups on my toes. All of my time and hard work at the gym is virtually for those small things.

Then my sister showed me this video and I was amazed. I now realize that I am sooo not in shape. Also, I am thinking of getting a pole in my house.

This girl is unbelievable regardless of the fact that she may or may not be a stripper and her last name is Butterfly (that could be a totally real name for all we know). Her level of fitness makes me jealous and her pole skills make my husband jealous.