We Interrupt this Blog to Bring You....Summer Break

It has been a busy summer around our house so although I would have loved to be writing more, I haven’t been home long enough to do so.

We took a few trips up camping – and by camping I mean staying in a trailer or camper with AC, satellite TV, a real toilet, shower and fully functioning kitchen. There were bugs, and wildlife (I do love me some deer sightings) and 4-wheeler riding, fishing and swimming. There was also a campfire and s’mores so in my book that equals camping. Since it is my Dad’s property and he spends quite a bit of time there we are lucky that many of the amenities are ready and waiting for us when we arrive. We all love going up there and getting to spend quality time with my Dad is just an added bonus.

Then there was our week in Michigan, which is probably my favorite week of the year. It is incredible up there in summer and the boys love it as much as we do. We stayed in the same cottage as we did last year which was great, last year. This year, well lets just say the novelty wore off by Wednesday when the dead animal smell started wafting in through the floor vents. I sent Jason and his uncle down to the basement in search of the rotting offender but they had no luck.  I covered the vents and did a lot of gagging when in certain areas of the house.

It wasn’t until Jason woke me out of a sound sleep Thursday night (or Friday morning, I guess) at 2am to tell me there was a live squirrel in the living room running across the beams in the ceiling mocking him. Apparently he tried to kill him using the fireplace pokey tool but again, no luck. I recall being confused but also very tired so I rolled back over to sleep. In my mind, the squirrel was on the first floor and my room was on the 3rd floor so I had some time before he got to my room and surely as he passed my mother-in-law’s room on the way up she would scream loud enough to wake the entire town up so I was safe.

After that we decided to call in a guy who finds dead things and traps living things in houses. Bummer about his job. It took him no time at all to locate the dead, rotting squirrel that had fallen in the furnace (hence the stinky floor vents) and get him removed. I am still having nightmares about all the flies. As for the live squirrel who was staying with us, rent free mind you, he set a few traps and informed us they were flying squirrels and were nocturnal. I made it a point to get to bed on our last night there before the squirrels came out.

Besides our run-ins with the squirrels we had all sorts of family-fun and quality beach time as well. We enjoyed a week of swimming, fishing, walks, go-karting, a dune buggy ride, CARS 2, golf, game playing, face-painting and relaxing. It was a great week and we hope to have the opportunity to spend more time there as a family in the future.

Now Jay & I are gearing up for our annual Adults Gone Wild trip. It is a long weekend with some of our closest friends, KID FREE! Our great friends are gracious enough to invite us to stay at there home in Kentucky around the Land Between the Lakes (which is a gorgeous place) and there is a boat, some beer, a couple of waverunners, some vodka along with some more beer and not nearly enough suntan lotion and most importantly, no kids. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

So hopefully the noodle I am choose to float on all weekend while sipping my adult beverage holds my ass up and none of us get arrested for drunkin’ boating. I don’t think we need to meet those two lovely boat sheriff’s again this year because lying is not nice. Just in case I have been practicing what to say, no, officer this is not a beer in all of our hands leaving no one sober enough to drive the boat home. Thanks for stopping.  Or perhaps offering them a beer would work better? We shall see!

School starts in two short weeks and after we get back from Adults Gone Wild so things are bound to stay busy. We will celebrate my birthday and try to get one last camping trip in before we are back to the seriousness of school and strict bedtimes, etc.

Happy Summer!


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