Lucky 7

This past week Jason and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. I know 7 years isn't anything super crazy and worth bragging about but still, these days with the divorce rate knocking at any door it can, I am proud of the 7 years.

Here we are saying our I Do's

My favorite place to be.

I know once you are married your dating anniversary doesn't really count anymore. It isn't supposed to matter but it does to me. Jason and I have been together for 13 years, perhaps not as lucky for the superstitious out there. As lucky as I feel the seven years have been, in our eyes it is really 13 years. That my friends is something I am proud of. That is a lotta years of love, tears, fights, babies, houses, more love and a few more fights.

 Our new little family.
What family photos look like when you have little boys.

 Us, seven years in.

I realize how lucky I am everyday that I wake up next to this guy. I am aware how truly blessed I am that I still not only love him, really love him, but like him so much as well. No one else makes me laugh so hard and feel so happy.

Typical picture with Jay's hand in my shirt. Such a boy.

Happy lucky 7 babe!


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