Taken for Granted

For every mother who was lucky enough to tuck her babies in and kiss them goodnight, there is a mother heartbroken somewhere that she wasn't as fortunate.

For every father who gets to play baseball after work or sit at his daughters tea party there is a dad somewhere who misses all those things.

I am certain there is a parent who would love the opportunity to put their kid to bed one last time, even as I dread walking in my kids' room, yet again. I am guilty knowing that somewhere out there is a parent who would love the chance to holler at their kid to put on their shoes or stop hitting their brother.

There is a baby out there going to bed tonight missing their mama or daddy and praying they could come back. There is a child missing a brother or a sister and wanting nothing more than to have them home with them.

There is a wife that goes to bed lonely dreaming of her husband and there is a husband out there lost without his wife.

It is so easily taken for granted. It is so easily taken away.

Be thankful. Every. Single. Day.

 My loves.



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