I knew Jack was growing up and getting bigger. It was apparent by the way his pants were all too short and his long sleeved shirts made it just past his elbows. When he turned five in February I felt my heart explode at the thought that my baby was a baby no longer. I saw it happening but was still trying to deny it.

Then last week he informed me that his tooth was loose. In my mind I was thinking, Yeah right kid. You are only five so probably not.

Yeah, well I was wrong. The tooth was not only at the really wiggly almost completely out stage but his big tooth, the kind grown ups chew with, has already popped through behind it. Whoa...slow the hell down with the growing thing, kid!

Jack couldn't stop messing with that tooth and as I left for a night out with friends he insisted he was NOT pulling it out. I wasn't pulling it out either so as far as I was concerned he would still have all his precious little baby teeth when I got home.

Except, yeah, well wrong again. On my way home from my night out I got a text from my husband saying the tooth fell out and that Jack already had it under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy.

I was sad that my little big guy lost his first tooth. I was sad I wasn't there and I felt really old now. I mean he just turned 5 a few months ago. Really, is it too much to ask that the kid not lose his baby teeth until he can at least pee in the toilet without hitting the floor and walls?

No luck. His tooth was out and when I went in to see him in bed that night he was thrilled. He was so excited about the Tooth Fairy coming and really pleased it didn't even hurt falling out.

Tooth #1 out and the new tooth poking in.

He is officially my Jack-O-Lantern now (hardy, har, har!) but that won't last long as his big person tooth (yes, that is what we are calling it) is coming in in a big hurry.

He was trying really hard to smile so I could see his
tooth hole....not the best smile.

He thinks it's pretty great and tells everyone he sees all about it. He was not as thrilled about it when he was trying to eat his apple yesterday or his corn-on-the-cob at dinner last night. He was quick to tell me eating those things without a tooth was no fun. Also, the Tooth Fairy came and left him three whole dollars! He couldn't get them shoved in his piggy bank fast enough.

You can't see the missing tooth here but that is the smile I love.


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