What's the Point?

I have always loved to write. It has been my thing, my feel better mechanism, since I started high school. In one way or another I have been writing ever since that first creative writing class.

That is not to say I am necessarily good at writing. It is just something I do, for me. Do I love that people sometimes read it and enjoy it? Sure. Is it nice to hear from old friends about how a post I've written made them feel less alone when they are also cleaning their kids' pee off of the bathroom wall for the third day in a row? You betcha. But in all honesty, I do it for me. Selfishly.

I have had numerous people (some friends who know me well some people who hardly know me at all) ask me, "What do you mean you have a blog? What do you write about? and Do people really read it? I just don't see the point."

I try and explain why I have this here little blog and that I mostly write about my kids or arguments with my forgetful husband or my day to day life. The good the bad and the sometimes very ugly. I also explain that although I am aware that for the most part no one really reads my blog, except my mother (as my husband recently reminded me), I don't care. It isn't for them, or for you readers (okay, or you Mom) but just for me. It is my therapy and a place for me to jot down my thoughts and feel better. My head is more clear and my heart more free.

So that is why I do it. Will I ever be a professional blogger that makes money talking about her mundane life? Not likely. Do I love if people come and visit and read? I do, but I will be here writing, for me, regardless.


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