Yesterday was Joey's birthday and I can hardly believe he is three already. I am not sure where the time has gone or how we have lived through three whole years of him. Since we were busy celebrating yesterday here's my birthday letter to him.

Dear Joey,
I have never felt like three years has gone by so fast and yet taken so long at the very same time. You are growing so fast and tower over all the other kids your age. You are built like your Daddy and sometimes people don't realize that even though you are so big & strong, you are still just a little guy on the inside.

You were nicknamed "shit-wrecker" by your Dad and I early on in your life and it seems to be a name you continue to grow into. You have pretty much been destroying anything you can get your hands or mouth on since you were able to move any of your limbs. You are fearless and smart. You are very brave and you are a fighter. I am happy to say I don't foresee you being a kid that gets picked on because you are quick to stand up for yourself and speak your mind (even if it is telling me you hate me when I punish you.) 

I often call you my "special" child because you are a handful. Some days it takes everything I have to keep you under control and then there are times when I have never seen such a sweet kid. You are always telling me you love me and you put both of your chubby (and usually sticky) hands on my face and hold it while you give me kisses. The only time I would ever describe you as gentle is when you are talking to or holding a baby and then you speak softly and kindly and your usual giant force is a gentle touch. You can be so cuddly and loving that I often forget just how naughty you usually are.

You have your Daddy's face and sometimes when you smile at me it is as if I am looking straight at him. It is this smile and those eyes that keep you alive most days because every time I see them I fall in love with you all over again.

When I was pregnant with you every day was a struggle but I knew you would be okay by the way you were kicking and clawing to get out. It is that same fight that I see you use every time you are sick and not breathing well and you keep fighting to get better. It is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. You are so strong-willed.

You are right on track or ahead of the game with all of your milestones. You have an incredible vocabulary and you are so smart. You are doing great with potty-training and if we could only get you to poop on the potty Mommy would be over the moon. We did tell you a Boogieman would come if you pooped in a diaper after you turned three. You ask about said Boogieman all day long and I hate to admit this but I hope it works. This is not our best parenting tactic, but you have to do what you have to do sometimes.

My wishes for you this year are simple. I wish  for you to be happy, to breath easier with less visits to the hospital, for you to continue to grow big and strong, for you to sleep in your own bed instead of with Daddy & I since you kick like a cracked-out mule and for you to somehow not kill us all in the process. We are so proud of the little man you are becoming and I dream of the years to come. You should always know no matter how difficult you are I love you more than you know and I am so happy to be your Mama.

Love you always,

 Birth Day
 1st Birthday
2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday*

*If you are wondering why he only has half a cake in the above photo it is
because his Dad's birthday is the day before his and they shared a cake!


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