My Mess

No matter how hard I try my house is a mess. I can't seem to be able to keep up with the madness of it all. Something always needs cleaning, washing, folding, picking up or putting away.

I was hoping with my new work arrangement I would be able to plan my day with a little time to schedule in for cleaning, organizing and general tidying. All that has happened so far is I am home more to realize and then obsess about the dirtiness of it all.

At our old house we had a cleaning lady every two weeks. Cleaning days were my favorite. I would walk in to a clean house and take a big sniff of the smell of clean before the kids and dogs ran through destroying it in minutes. I still had to clean in-between her visits but someone else was doing the bulk of the cleaning.

Our new (yet old) house is smaller than our previous home. This made me think I could totally manage the cleaning because there was a lot less space to clean. All that really means is we have more shit shoved into our smaller space creating a cluttered mess instead of just a mess.

The boys (all three of them) are messy in nature, I think. Every. Single. Day. I wipe the pee off the toilet seat and bathroom floor (and occasionally the wall) and have a talk with them about getting it in the toilet. Only to find more pee waiting for me the very next day, if not sooner. The pee on the floor doesn't bother them at all. My husband hardly seems to notice that the bathroom smells similar to an out-house. The truth is no matter how clean my bathroom is after a cleaning there will be more pee sprayed about before the end of the day. I am trying to figure out how to solve this problem but having them pee in the yard brings on a whole new sort of problems.

I vacuum and swiffer and sweep. It is non-stop. My floors could be as clean as could be until the dog wanders through. Her hair falls out so damn much I am not even sure how she is not bald yet. The hair never ends. Same goes for mopping, I do it and either someone forgets to take their shoes off or the dog comes running in with muddy paws. It is like trying to control a tornado.

So how is it I know people who have houses that are spotless no matter when I stop by? It could be a totally unannounced visit and their homes are looking a thousand times better than mine does most days. I want to get it together and be all on top of it - this cleaning, organizing thing - but it is me against an army of dirty, pee squirting boys. We all know that is a war that one woman can't win.

*Personal disclaimer since I know my husband will gripe: My husband is really helpful around the house. He picks up plenty and does a ton to help me out, but he is not a "cleaner." He is, however, a reckless pee-er.

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  1. let me fill you in on a little secret about my wife. She worries about EVERYTHING and it just so happens that she heard how clean and tidy one of here friends house is all the time. So now we all have to suffer. So is my life