Boy Blues

My family is mostly made up of women. I am one of four girls. I have sisters who are my best friends without a brother to be found. I never wished I had a brother. Not because I don't think having a brother would have been nice, but why wish for a boy around the house when I had more than enough fun with the girls. I have 4 aunts (not counting by marriage) and  I have 13 first cousins that are girls.

In my family, the girls win.

Now I have boys. My sisters have boys. My sister-in-law has a boy. I only have one niece to buy cute clothes and dress up. For this generation, the boys are winning.

I have always loved having boys. I wanted to have boys. No, I don't love everything about what they love such as bugs, trucks, worms, dirt, peeing on things and so on. Still, I love having boys. I also can't stop wondering what it would be like to have just one girl. Not because I am sad about not having one just because I am so curious at how different the two might be to raise. 

It doesn't seem like a day goes by that there isn't something brought up from my boys that makes me wonder if a daughter would be the same way and ask the same things.

My boys are quick to point and yell "Look at your boobies Mom!" when they catch me changing my shirt or "Why do you put that on your boobies and we don't?" whenever I am putting on my bra or sports bra and they catch site of it. Most of the time I ignore them or say "Everyone has boobs, boys. They are no big deal." but what I really want to say is "These used to be a great set of boobs till you two came along!" Then I would have to answer another question about what happened to my boobs and why is it their fault and having to explain to your kids how they basically ate your boobs off is not something I want to get into.

I rarely go to the bathroom without a visitor. I get all sorts of questions from "Why do you sit when you go pee?" to "Are you peeing out your butt?" and then to "What is that and why are you sticking that in your butt Mamma?" whenever they see a tampon. I just tell them it is girl stuff and can I PLEASE have a moment to myself in the bathroom! 

Then no sooner do I close the bathroom door and turn the shower on do I hear the door creak open and "Mamma, can I sit and talk with you while you take your shower?" *Sigh*  Sure, why not. I would love to answer a thousand questions about shaving my legs.

Sometimes I just feel so stuck in the world of boys that I long for a girl to be in my house. I know girls can be whiny (news flash, so are my boys) and they are most likely way more difficult as teenagers but still it would be nice to have someone else who understands that "NO, I am not shoving that in my butt!" and all the other girly-like things that go on. 

I come home from a pedicure and my boys flip out because "MOM, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COLOR ON YOUR NAILS!" This was a rule I made after Jack started coloring on his nails with markers after I would get manicures. Now I walk in from a relaxing pedi and get reprimanded for my bad behavior.

So, if only. If only it wasn't just me and the dog with vaginas in this house. Maybe then, just once, I could sit on the toilet without having to first put the seat down or clean up pee.

This is the stuff dreams are made of. And still, I love my boys...

*My husband is certain, with everything in him, that if we have another baby it will be a boy. What are the odds of that? 


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