A Better Balance

When you are a Mom and you work full-time it is easy to miss a lot of important things for your kids. I have been feeling this "mommy guilt" for months now. I knew I wanted a change, needed a change but it took some time to figure out how to make a change.

I am so happy that Jason and I took the time to talk about our options so we could find a way to make things work better and to make us all happier so I could be a part of my boys lives for more than a few hours a day. Thankfully my job allows me the flexibility to work from home and after talking with my company about what I needed, I am going to have that opportunity.

Starting next week I will work a couple days in the office and the rest from home. Will this be a challenge with two little turkeys lurking around? Yes, I am sure at time it will be. I will take on that challenge to be able to take my own kids to school. I will actually know what their classrooms are like and get to know their friends. Most importantly, I will be able to spend time with them. I know the days of them wanting to spend time with me are numbered and I am going to eat them up (while trying not to kill them) while I can.

I am hoping this change allows me to continue to grow professionally (since I love what I do) and still feel like I am present in my life at home. I am shooting for the best of both worlds and I couldn't tell you the last time I felt so happy about a big life change.


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