'Tis the Season

I have always loved Christmas. It has always been filled with happy memories for me and I have always been lucky enough to spend it with my family and friends.

When I was little our Christmas tree was always lit up with those big colorful bulbs (much different from the lights you see on Christmas trees these days.) It was always a glowing rainbow dripping in tinsel, a tradition my Mom insisted upon no matter how big the mess. I remember all of us girls grabbing handfuls of tinsel and tossing them haphazardly towards the tree.

I can remember being about about 3 years old and coming downstairs from my nap and as I turned the corner on the stairs I could see our big, glowing, silvery tree all lit up in our dimly lit living room. My Dad was sitting in his La-Z-Boy recliner watching TV and my Mom making dinner in the kitchen and I remember feeling like everything was perfect, everything was as it should be.

Every year my Mom would line all of us each year in front of the tree. It was tradition. I am not sure when she stopped taking pictures of us on Christmas morning. Probably when we all got old enough to find the tradition annoying and we complained enough to get her to stop. I wish she wouldn't have.

It was our family tradition and remembering all of us and and our tree makes my heart happy.

One of the traditions we have started with the boys is our elf, Karl. We have a Christmas elf named Karl (from the classic the Elf on the Shelf) who comes to our house every Christmas season. Karl the elf is in a new spot everyday and flies home to Santa at night to report if Jack & Joey have been good or bad. The boys named him Karl and last year was his first year at our house, thankfully he came back this year. He hides all over our house (always high above the boys reach) on places like curtain rods, light fixtures, and in the Christmas tree. Although this tradition is a little more work for Jay & I, (hiding Karl each night is not as easy as it sounds) I love it. I love watching the boys tear through the house every morning searching for where Karl (and yes, it is Karl with a K. Jack was very clear about this when naming him) is hiding.

I have tried to do pictures in front of the tree on Christmas morning as well, but I will say my kids are not very good at cooperating with picture taking. So our pictures haven't been as nice as the ones my Mom took each year of my sisters and I when I was little.

As you can see, some years went better than others. Last year I couldn't even get Joey to sit in front of the tree, let alone with his brother. So all I have is this picture of them sprawled on the living room floor with all their new toys.

These are the little things I love most about the holidays. Sure, it is freezing out and I am broke from shopping, but this time of year there is nothing my glowing Christmas tree, my family and my memories can't make disappear. 'Tis the Season....I wish you a happy one!

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