Forget It

I am not much of a forgetter. Meaning I remember most things – even things that should have long been forgotten. I have always been that way and even though I do feel like I lose a little of this ability with each passing year (and child), I think I am kind of on the ball when it comes to remembering.

Sure there is the nostalgic stuff like childhood memories, certain songs on the radio, a scent that catches my nose and brings me right back to where I was when I first smelled it, first kisses and so on. But there is the important stuff too. The things I need to remember like social security numbers, medical information, school stuff, appointments, etc. In my daily life there is a lot of remembering that needs to be done.

My husband, God love him, is not a rememberer. In fact, he succeeds at forgetting really, really well. It is his nature, partly and the other part is my fault. See why would he need to remember when he knows I will? Therefore he makes little effort to try and remember. In his mind I’ve got it covered.

Being the kind of person who feels recalling important things is well, um, important, his forgetfulness makes me crazy. When I ask him to do something that goes undone and his reply is, “Oh, sorry I forgot” I have to dig deep inside myself to stifle the part of me that wants to scream like a psychotic maniac at him, which truthfully I am not always able to do. Because, come on! He should be capable of remembering simple things, especially when I remind him MULTIPLE times. Still, he forgets. Not every time but often.

I know he is not doing it on purpose and he has, in his defense, always been this way. But what I don’t understand is how he remembers his stuff. He has plenty on his mind and manages a busy work schedule and projects and I don’t recall him ever forgetting to make sure his Fantasy Football team was ready for the week, but administering our kid’s medicine (that he takes EVERY night before bed) or carrying the basket of laundry upstairs at night completely slip his mind.

I don’t really get angry about it anymore. Sure it is frustrating at times and I do feel like a nag when I remind him a million times to do something because I can’t be sure he will remember, but the worst is when I have to ask him later and actually check to make sure that what I asked of him was done. It just makes me need to remember more stuff.

I worry that if something happens to me he would be hard pressed to know where the kids SS cards and birth certificates are kept, the pediatricians number and when their check-ups and immunizations are due or what vet we go to amongst a million other important life details. I will, however,  rest assured knowing that this week’s fantasy line-up is ready to go.


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