Little White Crosses

I believe in rights. I believe in the people who fight everyday for this countries rights, my rights.

I believe in equality for all people, of all races. I believe people have the right to love and marry whoever they choose. Gay or straight.

I believe in choice. I love that I get to choose to vote for who I believe are the best people to fight for my rights as an American.

I believe in God and Christianity, but also believe there are other Gods and religions that people believe in. I respect their choices.

I am pro-choice. I believe in a woman's right to choose what she does or doesn't do to her body.

I believe in God and a woman's right for abortion. I don't think these two things contradict one another.

I pass a church on my way to work everyday. This week there are a ton of little white crosses filling the front lawn with a sign saying "Choose Life". Every time I pass this church I get the urge to drive my car onto the lawn and mow every single one of those little crosses down.

Each day I think, How dare they? How dare they make people feel bad about decisions that are theirs to make. Choices that are often excruciating and heart-breaking to make. How dare they judge? They are a church. People of God. Aren't they supposed to accept people, love people, support people? Shame on them.

When I was in college I had the privilege to have dinner with Sarah Weddington. Sarah was one of the two attorneys that fought for "Jane Roe" in the Roe v. Wade case. She was at my university to speak and she was a lovely woman. We talked at great length about why she and Linda Coffee fought for women's rights and what it meant to her. How she was proud that she gave women the right to decide what was best for their bodies and for their lives. I was honored to get to talk with her and share a meal. I believe in what she fought for.

I have never had an abortion and I don't think anyone who has never been in a position where they needed to consider it can say, one way or another, what they would do until the situation presented itself. I have children that I adore. I had them with a man I love when I was ready to care for them and I could care for myself. This is not always the case. There are plenty of women, even young girls, who have to make this decision every day. I don't think anyone makes it without thinking twice. It is a life-changing decision in the same way having a baby is. Neither of which you should enter into lightly.

I believe that good people get abortions. Women just like me. I respect their choice, because it is theirs to make. I pray there is never a day when I as a woman don't get to make my own choices about my body.

I will continue to resist the urge to mow down the little white crosses, but I will always stay true to what I believe in. That church's display doesn't guilt trip me into believing anything different. Instead of making me want to join in on their congregation, I want the exact opposite. I want nothing to do with that church all because of the little white crosses. Shame on them.


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