Wedding Day

Today my sister gets married. My baby sister. The one I shared a room with for the better part of my life, us talking into the night from our respective bunks.

She is my best friend and I wish for her all the happiness this world can offer. I have seen her be married before and then have to battle through a nasty, heart-breaking, yet completely necessary divorce. She was broken and said to me in those early days she would never get married again.

And here we are. She called me after meeting Chris, she called him the dirty carpenter, to tell me although he was great she wasn't sure what would come of it. After all, she was newly divorced with a two-year old son. She was the epitome of baggage.

He didn't seem to care. He never left her from that point on. Like all relationships, there was work to be done, problems to fix, broken hearts that needed mending. They put the time and energy into fighting through the bad to end up at a place of so much good.

I love her so much. I love him and welcome him into our lives, our family. I wish the two of them, and their boys, the kind of happily ever after that everyone deserves.

Happy Wedding Day, Doni & Chris!

I love you always. xoxo

P.S. Although my sister has picked the MOST remote place in the Midwest to get married, the color of the trees here are enough to take your breath away. So we will trudge through mud today to get to the lake front to hear them say I Do with colorful trees exploding around us. Say a prayer I don't bite it in the mud!


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