My Lists

These last few weeks have been exhausting with a capital E. I am struggling to keep my head above water. There is so much I (or we when I can con my husband into participating) need to do, but there just never seems like enough time.

I have been so unsuccessful lately at keeping up with the everyday things. Things like paying bills more than once a month or worse yet, at the very last minute and cleaning my house or putting away my laundry. Don’t get excited, the laundry is only clean because our super-nanny does it. She puts all of the boys laundry away, but Jay & I are on our own and rightly so. It would be a teensy bit inappropriate to ask her to start putting away our underwear. We are beyond lucky she is even washing them. Jason is a little old to be picking clothes up off the floor and sniffing them before throwing them on.

I feel like there are just lists of stuff to do piling up in my head with no light at the end of the tunnel. No chance they will ever get crossed off my mental list. No sense actually writing them down since it will only make me feel like a failure when they don’t get accomplished.

We have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us as well. Next weekend my sister gets married! It is all very exciting and nerve-racking. I am her Matron-of-Honor. This is a big responsibility and I was so honored she asked me, except now I am freaking out. You know what a matron of honor does, right? Well, no, besides get drunk and dance like rock stars. They give speeches. Which means speaking in front of a group of people. Which I am totally not keen on doing. If they are lucky they give heartfelt, witty, lovely speeches that people laugh and cry at. I am just not certain I have that kind of speech in me. I do not want to fail at my honorable duties, nor do I want to disappoint my sister. The pressure! Needless to say, this is what the next week will be consumed with for me…the dreaded speech.

I am also kinda flipping out because we are leaving for the weekend and the kids will stay home with a sitter. A perfectly responsible sitter, who the kids adore, but this still makes me nervous. When you have a kid with food allergies (the dreaded eggs and peanuts) paired with a doozey case of asthma, emergencies can occur. I will be pretty far away and this freaks me out. I know our Oorna (what the boys call our sitter) will have it all under control but I am a worrier.

Then not long after that I am off to Vegas with my girlfriends. A trip I am really looking forward to but need to do some shopping before I go. My wardrobe is not Vegas ready at the moment. So although that will be non-stop fun, I still have a lot of work to do to prepare.

The list goes on and on. I guess you have to start somewhere so I am going to start with sleep and head off to bed. Boot camp at 5am is on the list and since I am already exhausted I need to get a head start on some sleep. The rest of the list, along with the laundry, will have to wait.


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