Let the Worrying Begin

I have never left my boys alone for the weekend with anyone other than my Mom. She is the one Jay & I got to when we need, okay, fine, when we want to get away for the weekend. She has been doing this with them since they were babies and she knows the quirks, and oh my do they have their quirks, and their bedtime routines. She knows what they like to eat and what their favorite cartoons are.

She knows all about asthma and notices the first signs of Joey wheezing. She never forgets the dreaded peanut and egg allergy. She is on the ball and has it covered.

I still get nervous and worry when I leave them with her. But it is not because I am worried about their care and more about me being worried they will be bad. Let’s be honest, they are often naughty and I worry they are going to run her ragged. More times than not, they do.

They are a lot of work. Once you add Joey’s asthma and allergies into the equation, they are a job.

Since my Mom will be at my sister's wedding with me this weekend she is unavailable. Instead we have Jason’s cousin Lauren, or Oorna as the boys lovingly call her, watching the boys this weekend. Overnight. For three nights. I am officially freaking out.

Let me just say that Lauren has been watching my kids since Jack was just a baby and Joey was not even a thought in my mind. She has been caring for Joey since he was just days old. She knows my kids and she loves them, almost as much as they love her. Jason & I could not trust her more.

BUT. I hate that there is a but, but there is. She has never watched them overnight, let alone for three nights and never when we were going to be far away. So I worry that she won’t hear Joey crying at 2:30am for his mama. That she wouldn’t think anything of him sounding a little out of breath. That they will give her trouble and try to buck the system, corrupt the schedule, and she will want to do nothing but sit on the couch and drink Vodka until she can’t hear or see them anymore. She might want to do this anyway, and I wouldn’t blame her. Unless she did of course, in which case she knows I would have to kill her.

I still worry. I worry about them and I am worried for her. This could quite possibly be the best form of birth control she will ever know. Staying with a 4 and 2 year old (one of which is potty training) could make her swear off having nookie for life. I don’t want to be the one that causes her to drink alone (I better bring all the booze with me) and swear off the fun that sex can be. Sex without babies, that is.

I know it will be fine, that she will take the best care of them and that they will have the greatest time with her. I will still worry, well, because that is what I do. I just hope if she has a party at the house while we are gone, she dresses the kids appropriately so they fit in. No one likes to be the uncool kid at the party.

Good luck, Oorna. xo


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