An Apple A Day

As I pulled into the driveway last Friday after work my kids, along with the neighbor kids, and our nanny were out playing in the backyard. Right away Jack swarmed my car (Joey was way too busy playing with the other kids to be bothered by me) and was yanking my door open before I could even turn the car off. I love that they are so happy I’m home, so happy to see me. I don’t want to be the only one doing the missing all day.

“Mommy, mommy, you’re home!” The screams and cheers are heart-warming. So in following our normal routine I give hugs and kisses followed by even more hugs. Then I start the usual questions, “Were you good today? and What did you do?” On school days I ask Jack all about that, “How was school today? Were you a good listener? What did you learn about?” and on and on. I want to know every detail of the day that I missed. Some days the reports back from our nanny are harder to hear. Not good listening. Someone had a timeout. Joey was punished for biting. Joey peed on the floor, the slide at the park, and his brother. Some days are just harder than others.

But on Friday, Jack was bursting at the seams to get at me. He couldn’t wait to tell me how good he was at home; begging me to ask our nanny so she could agree that his behavior was indeed top-notch. He was also so excited to tell me about how great school was and how good he was there.

“Mom, I was sooo good at school I got a gravy apple!”

“A gravy apple?” Quickly looking at our nanny with a look like WTF is he talking about.

She just smiled.

“Yes, a gravy apple!! Mom, it was so good. And I played outside, and…”

“Wait, honey, you mean a caramel apple?”

“No. I mean a gravy apple. You know how they dip those apples in the brown gravy?”

“No, Jack, that is called a caramel apple. Did you eat it all and was it good? I love caramel apples. Did you save me a bite?”

“Mom, I told you it was a GRAVY apple. *sigh* I ate the brown gravy off the apple and then had one bite of the apple. The gravy was better than the apple so I threw it away.”

“Wow. You must have been pretty good to get a caramel apple, err - I mean gravy apple.”

Gravy apple? Seriously he is hysterically priceless. You can’t make this stuff up. He has since started referring to it as a caramel apple but is still not sure I know what I am talking about. I am pretty sure deep down he still believes it was indeed dipped in gravy.


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