The Things We Need

I am sure you have been asked, or at least discussed in some context, the things you couldn’t live without. There is the old question if your house is on fire and you can only take three things, what are you taking? I think it is easy to feel like you never have enough. There is always something more to want or need. It could be a person, a thing, or even just an experience, but there is still, always, something to want.

I have never been the best at differentiating needs from wants. I remember my parents trying to teach me this lesson as a teenager when I swore I needed the newest brand name clothes or money for a night out with friends. They kept reminding me those were things I wanted, not needed. I obviously thought they were morons because when you are a teenager those are needs. Must-have, cannot live without kind of things.

Now I am older and usually wiser although I have been known to need things (like clothes, shoes, make-up, house d├ęcor) on more than one occasion that my husband did not feel was needed. Then there is that trip to Vegas I just booked, it was necessary, I swear. Totally needed.

So back to these things you can’t live without, or at least we believe in our hearts we can’t, but truth be told, we would live. People go on living without things they never thought they could be without all the time. It sucks, but it is what we do. Live.

Talking about the people you couldn’t live without is easy. The husbands, kids, parents, family and friends, but what about the things? The things that you take for granted everyday. The items, big or small, that you swear you couldn’t live without. Or at least you would be pretty miserable if you had to live without them.

These are the things I would not want to live without (in no particular order):

1. My Blanket. Yes, I am 33 and I sleep with a blankie, I call him Nortie. He (yes, I refer to my blanket as a he, so what) is comforting to me and I don’t sleep anywhere without him. He was with me when I gave birth to both kids and he always rides shotgun with me on road trips or is stored safely in my carry-on bag when flying. Did you really think someone who has a blankie would risk the plane crashing without it, come on now.

2. Photos. I think everyone would say this one, well, because it makes sense. They are part of my memories and they tell so many stories.

3. My Journals of Writing. Not because it is great writing, but because they are my stories. Me from years and years ago and me from today.

4. Mt.Dew. Not the diet variety either. I know, I know it is horrible for me. The way I see it, I don’t smoke or use drugs and I hardly drink. One Mt.Dew a day is my thing. 170 calories of pure love.

5. My Wedding Band & Engagement Ring. For starters, they are gorgeous. I also waited six years to get engaged and feel like it is kinda a prize for that wait. It also doesn’t hurt that the love of my life gave them to me.

6. My iPhone. Because DUH – it is the greatest thing. Ever.

7. Chap Stick. A life with dry, chapped lips is just not a life I want to live.

8. My bed. It is better than any other bed, anywhere. I love my bed.

9. Books. Good books make me happy and are inspiring.

10. Football. Sundays at my house are glorious and loud and there are snacks. No better way to spend a fall day…

These may be just things…but I like some of these things way more than some people I know. They are important, necessary, things.


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