Last week we were on our family vacation. Each year we go to a cottage in Michigan, right on Lake Michigan. It is a place I dream of year round and can’t wait to get to each summer. Jason has been going to this same place since his grandparents brought him there as a child. We have been lucky enough to carry on this tradition and share this little piece of heaven with our boys.

Sunset from the beach.

 "Big Red" Lighthouse

There is so much to do there and my boys have quickly learned to love this place, like Jay & I do. The beach is always amazing and the sand was the perfect place to build castles and make-believe that dragons live within them. The water was surprisingly warm for Lake Michigan and made wave jumping and swimming enjoyable at all hours of the day or early evening.



There was fishing and ducks to watch and boats that sailed by, even the occasional barge or ship creating eyes as big as saucers on the boy’s faces. Mouths open wide they’d stare in amazement as the ships horn would blow echoing through their little bodies. They adored their Spider Man fishing poles and even caught a few fish!
 Lauren and the boys with the Great Catfish 
 (caught with the Spiderman pole)

I personally can’t get enough of the beach. I love to sit and read, feet buried in the sand, listening to the whoosh of the waves breaking on the shore. Having the boys there, laughing and playing with me, makes it all the more perfect. I love to daydream about living in a little cottage all summer long, writing a book and listening to the endless hours of laughter falling from my boy’s mouths. It is like a dream, this place.

But sadly, like all dreams, there is still reality. This year the reality was more real than the dream. I knew better than to bring the reality of our lives with me because once it was there it ruined my dream. I still enjoyed every minute of the time I had with Jason and our boys (making going back to work Monday morning hard on us all.) As always we were never without our usual craziness but the four of us together felt great.

I will continue to dream about this place all year and look forward to our summer vacation again next year. I will just recall this year and remember my dreams and leave reality at home.


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