Jason & I were lucky enough to be invited to Kentucky for the weekend to stay at our friends parents lake house. The house is on Lake Barkley, which is one of the prettiest lakes I have ever seen. This is saying a lot since I am from Wisconsin and that state has its fair share of lakes. It was a gorgeous place and our hosts had all the necessities covered. Cold drinks, large boat, multiple jet skis, large tube for dragging said intoxicated friends around on and several great playlists.

There were five couples in attendance. The guys all went to school together (some of them since elementary school) and the girls met when we all started dating and then marrying the guys. This is the group of girls I go out to dinner with once a month. They are truly great friends and after the weekend I am more convinced of this than ever.

We were all so happy to be together, at the lake, away from our kids (everyone needs a break from their small people) that we drank, laughed, swam, skied, danced (thanks to Meg for the choreography for Dance Party 2010) and drank some more. We celebrated a couple of birthdays and Jay & I celebrated our wedding anniversary. What better way to spend your 6 year anniversary than hanging out with the same friends that were there partying with us that day. At the end of the weekend we were drunk (and hung over), burnt to a crisp (there was more liquor than SPF. Not. A. Good. Thing.) sore from the days of skiing and dancing and couldn't have been happier. A perfect summer weekend.


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