The Smell of Summer

I once had a boy I liked tell me I smelled like summer. He wasn’t referring literally to me, but rather the perfume I was wearing. The scent was Mariel by H2O+ and it smells fresh and clean. Just like summer.

There are a million things I love about living in near Chicago. One is summer. It is like we live all winter dreaming about what is coming, what could be, and it takes so long to get here. But when it finally arrives, there is no place else on Earth you would rather be.

It is filled with cookouts and bag games. Playing in the pool and beach days. Cubs games are always on TV and my boys are singing “Go Cubs Go” just as often as they were singing “Frosty the Snowman” just months earlier. There is the constant green after a long white winter that turned to gray brown. There are flowers!

As I have said before, winter tends to get a little long for me. I live for nights like tonight when it is perfect weather to go for a jog, take a walk or simply just sit outside an enjoy a drink on the deck. Yes, it can get humid and my hair may grown three times its normal size, but the color of pale winter skin turned brown makes up for it all. Well that, and my perfume that smells like summer.


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