Home Alone and Lonely

I can't tell you how many times I think to myself, "If I just had a minute alone I could..." This could be anything. It could mean taking a long, uninterrupted shower, going to the gym or for a jog,  shopping, a pedicure, reading a book - you get the idea. Well tonight I am home alone and lonely.

Jason is in RI again for work and my mother-in-law took the boys for a sleepover. That leaves me and Zoe and she is fast asleep on the deck enjoying the breeze. I already ran around and cleaned up the day's messes, organized toys, loaded the dishwasher and scooped up laundry. So now what?

I could go for a walk, read my book, catch up on my DVR'd shows, hell I could go to sleep! But no. Instead I am wandering around this house wondering where all my mind-numbing noise went. It is so lonely here without all my boys. I guess the truth of the matter is it is great to get a break, to be alone, but I would prefer to be alone with some company. I just don't do alone all that well.

I am sure someone will remind me of this post when I am begging for a minute to myself next week. For now I will go be alone and do my best to fall asleep with no baby monitor lulling me. I wonder if my boys are missing me like this? Doubtful, I know.


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