For the Love of SPF

Last weekend on our trip to "Adult's Gone Wild", Jay & I got pretty sunburned. We did apply sunscreen but obviously not frequently enough or at the proper SPF level to stop the blazing hot Kentucky sun. (Jason swears the sun in KY is different than the sun in Chicago.) We were sore and slept miserably and showering was a torture unlike any other. Once we got home we hit the aloe but the damage was done. Our faces are already molting and my shoulders have started peeling as well.

This is happening just a few days shy of us leaving for our family vacation to the beach. I love nothing more than spending hours sitting on the beach reading and playing with my turkeys (the boys) all while soaking up some sun. Well, that was before last weekends frying. In an effort to prevent any further damage to my already freckled, peeling skin I decided to take precautions.

As I headed into Target last night my list was fairly short. Diapers, sand buckets and shovels, milk and sunscreen. $286 later I am not sure what happened. That store can actually suck the money right out of me. Now granted I did stray from the list ever so slightly (there was a cute must-have sweater and bathing suit cover up I could not pass up) I quickly realized after scanning my receipt where the bulk of my money was spent. Sunscreen. I spent a crap load of money on about 10 different varieties of sunscreen. I have sunscreen lip balm, a special kind for faces, one for sports and several geared towards babies / kids. I have varying SPF's (from 12 to 50) and both spray and lotion varieties.  I feel like the spray is not as efficient in protecting the skin because a) that was what I was wearing when I got burnt and b) when you spray it on half of it blows away in the breeze and c) I had uneven stripes where I clearly had no spray landing on me. Bright red-sunburned stripes are not attractive, just so you know.

Some say this might be a bit much. I realize I have enough ounces of sunscreen to keep my family protected from the sun for the next 2 summers but I can't take any chances. It is bad enough I will look like a worn leather handbag when I am older (or next year), my kids are fair skinned and I refuse to let them be fried turkeys. I screw them up enough on my own, so I need no help from outside sources.

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  1. Oh I can so relate! And I totally agree with the spray on stuff. It's handy for the kids but I still rub it in on them to avoid the missed spots. I had several missed spots on my own body on Memorial Day weekend and hurt for about 2 weeks! Enjoy your family vacation!