Father's Day

You often hear people say, "I have the greatest Dad." Dad's can be great for all sorts of reasons. They can make you feel safe, teach you all you need to know to survive in this world and care for you. I think the most important thing a Dad can do is love. My Dad is the greatest guy. Not always perfect or pretending to know it all, but always loving. He loved me when I was good or bad. He gave me everything I need and helped make my every dream come true. For those simple reasons, I have the greatest Dad.

He also turned out to be a great Grandpa. He spends time doing things with the boys that they dream of. When the boys talk about him they say, "My Grandpa Don is going to take me..." That sentence could be filled in numerous ways. He spends time doing things with them that they love. Teaching me a little about raising boys along the way.
I knew how important a good Dad was and before Jason & I were even dating, I knew he was going to be an incredible father one day. Incredible doesn't do him justice. I couldn't ask for a better father for my kids.

From the birth of one son...

To the birth of another....

He has been the greatest Dad along the way.
He is their world, their everything. And they say, "We have the greatest Daddy..."

Happy Father's Day to my Dad. I love you so much.
Happy Father's Day to my husband. Thank you for being the kind of Dad our boys dream of and deserve. We are so lucky to have you...the world's greatest Dad.
Jana, Jack & Joey


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