Going to the Chapel...(or the Lake) and We're Gonna Get Married

This Saturday my sister is getting married. There will be flowers and rings, cake (well, cupcakes) and vows. There will also be two brides. Yes, you read that right my sister is marrying a woman. Not just a woman but her partner, best friend and love. I am thrilled for her, for them.
I can't think of many things better than a good wedding. I say this meaning the good weddings that start with good relationships, not just the good weddings with good food and open bar. I mean the kind of weddings where you attend and feel happy to see two people committing to one another for the right reasons. They love each other, adore each other even, but more than that they respect one another and deeply care for the other person - more than themselves most of the time. I am sad to say I have been to many weddings where I didn't feel this way about the happy couple but when you attend one that you see those things...icing on the cake (or cupcake!)

My sister was blessed with three kids. Joshua, Paul and Kylie mean the world to her and I can imagine the adjustment to gaining a full family along with her girlfriend was difficult for Sarah at times. I am proud to say she has tried so hard for these kids, for who she considers to be her kids as well. I am also proud of my nephews and niece. They are open-minded and loving kids. I am proud to say they have accepted my sister's relationship (although reluctantly at first) and now are one combined family. It may not be like everyone else's family, but they have parents (and now a step-mom) that love them. Sometimes being different isn't so bad and being loved is always good.

Yes, I know that gay marriage is not legal in the state of WI. I also know it is a small detail in the lives of these two women. Because let's be honest, the state telling me I am legally married does not make me anymore of a wife to my husband. So, in their eyes, and ours, they are getting married.... for better or worse, richer or poorer...they do. One day, I pray that this right will be legally theirs, but until then I am certain their vows will hold as much meaning as every other happy couple on their wedding day.

I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.  I hope their family has the kind of love all families deserve.

To Joy and Sarah, I can't wait for your special day. I wish your family all the love in the world. xoxo

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  1. So beautiful, Jana! I saw this posted on Joy's FB page and would love to create a link on mine, too. :)