We got horrible news on Saturday that a guy Jason went to high school with had passed away. He was 33 years old and had been battling brain cancer for three years. Jason wasn't great friends with him back in the day (he was a couple years younger) but we have recently been supporting his foundation, Harley Helping Hands, and his fight against cancer. He leaves behind a wife, a 2 year old son and a baby girl that is due to be born in May. His wife seems to be an amazing person and has fought her hardest to save her husband. My heart breaks for her. It breaks for his kids, the little boy who will surely realize his Dadddy is gone and for the little girl who will come into this world never knowing how truly inspiring he was. I am sending all my prayers to the Harley family.

If ever there was something to make you realize how lucky you are, just how good you've got it, it is someone else's misfortune. I am taking this opportunity to remember I am so lucky. Seriously, the luckiest. No, things aren't perfect in my world these days. I could pick a list of things to gripe about but then I look up and see my husband and remind myself that I have more than so many. This is all I have been thinking about since Saturday. My thankful list...

1. My husband. He is quite possibly my world. There would be no breathing without him.
2. My babies. The best thing my husband & I have ever done. Truly perfectly healthy, happy little people.
3. My parents. My Mom would breathe for me if I needed her to, she is that giving. My Dad who has this way of making me feel loved like only a Dad can, and a sense of humor that can brighten the saddest of days.
4. My sisters. I am blessed with three of them that would be there for me no matter what - and they have been many of times. They are my best friends.
5. My Mother-in-Law. She is what dream MIL's are made of. Really, she is that incredible which makes sense since she raised such an outstanding son.
6. My health. I can chase my kids, see their smiles and hear their laughs.
7. My nephews, all 5 of them and my niece. I love these kids as if they are my own.
8. Kristie. Because I can say anything to her and she truly hears me and offers the best advice. And she always makes me remember her Dad, who I miss so much.
9. Jen. Not only is she the most caring, helpful, thoughtful friend but she has given me three girls that I can love like they are my daughters. She is the friend who I could talk to for hours.
10. My job. This keeps my family taken care of and allows me to challenge myself and use my brain and I get to do what I love. Not a bad gig.
11. My friends. The guys I've known since I was in elementary school, my girl's from high school, my beloved roomates from college and the girls I share dinner with at least once a month. I am so thankful for them.
12. Ex-boyfriends. Without them I wouldn't know exactly who I am or what it is I wanted in life (or didn't want.)
13. My house. Yes, I am even thankful for my money pit!
14. My dog. She is hands down the best fur-person in my only girl who is full of unconditional love.
15. My aunts. All of them are great people. My Aunt Nan has always been like another Mom to me is the best and my Aunt Terrie who can rub your head, make a pitcher of Kool-Aid and serve it to you in the most special glass has always been the greatest "Aunt" to me.

I could go on and on because I am that thankful. That lucky. There are plenty of things and people not mentioned (including the rest of my extended family) that I adore. It is incredibly easy to take all of it for granted. I know how good I have it and am so very thankful. To those who are not as lucky as I am today, I wish you brighter days in the future.



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