Bad News Bears

I know how it goes. You win some, you lose some. But losing a lot of them in a row really sucks. I have never really been apart of a losing streak before and I can now say winning is were it's at. Now I get how the Cubs feel.

This post could go in a million different directions because I feel like I am going in a million different directions. And I know I said this blog was like therapy for me and it is, but I am just not up to letting it all out today. It was that kind of a day...actually that kind of a week. And it is only Tuesday. I wouldn't bet on me this week if I was me.

We got not so great news yesterday, although not horrible it still was enough to monkey with my mood. Then today we got whacked with a doozey. You know the kind of news that stops you dead in your tracks and makes you realize things will forever be different. And not because you want them to be but because God has a plan and he isn't concerned with our feelings. I just keep taking deep breaths and I am hoping this either goes away or someone pours me a stiff drink.

With all of the recent doom and gloom Jay & I have been trudging through there are times when I have to remind myself to stop and smell the roses. To look at my children, in all their naughtiness, and my incredible husband and realize that this isn't so bad. This little life I have is not so shabby. Sure things aren't exactly ideal right now and we are dealing with our fair share of crap but come on, I have REALLY cute kids.



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