The Worst Word

It is up there with some of the worst words you can hear, cancer. This simple word can suck the air out of your chest, send your stomach plummeting to your feet and make all other words sound like a bunch of muffled nothings.

I have known a lot of people who have battled cancer, haven’t we all? It is a miserable disease that breaks people down to inches of their lives and makes them fight like hell to live again. Some win this fight and some don’t, no matter how hard they try.

Right now, my Aunt is fighting this fight. She battled, was broken down, and made it through. It sucked. She was bald and tired and emotionally changed, but who cares because she won. SHE WON!! Take that cancer.

But then yesterday happened. The dirty word was said again. The cancer is back and ready for round 2. I can’t begin to imagine what she is feeling. There must be sadness and anger. The what if’s and what’s next and why me’s are all lining up inside her thoughts. I hope, really, really hope, that inside those thoughts the most important is louder than all the rest. The I AM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS, CANCER thought that she carried with her last year.

This fight won’t be easy. Most fights aren’t. But she is capable, my Aunt. She is strong, smart and has an Army of a family ready to support her so she WILL beat this horrible disease. Again.

You better watch it cancer, here she comes and she’s pissed.

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  1. Jana, Your have it exactly right, I will beat this!
    But it's not back, it was there along. So now I have my sister's all offering their body fat to be used in my reconstruction surgery, after my double mastectomy, if that's what I have to have to get rid of this.
    Make no mistake....I WILL BE GETTING RID OF THIS!!!!!!!
    I know that my family suopport was one of the best things I had going for me the first time around and I'm going to be counting on that again for round two.
    All the prayers kept me positive the first time and I know they will keep me positive this time too!
    Thanks for your thoughts on this and know that I love you. Aunt Char